Thursday, April 18, 2013

Germs, germs go away!

Today is the first day since last Sunday that any of us have put on "real" clothes.  We just cannot manage to stay well around this house.  In the past two months, we've had the stomach virus twice and now Andrew has had some strange fever virus/upset tummy thing going on.  I mean, white flag.  White.  Flag.  Everybody is hungry and annoyed.  There's been lots of sheet washing and crying going on around this place.  And I'm over both.  In between sick spurts, Banks had a program at our church called "M & M" (music and memory work).  His class learned Gen. 1:1 and said the first three catechisms.  It was just too sweet!

Hugging his bestie Will after the program:
Ok, enough of that sappy stuff...showing how tough they are!
Andrew hanging out at the reception:

Because we've been home bound a good bit, we've had to get creative on ways to entertain ourselves.  Double decker ride...

 Here's to a healthy week next week!  Lord knows we need it!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We had a fabulous Easter "season" this year.  The boys had several egg hunts, Banks had a fun school party and my mom came to stay a few days last week! 
School egg hunt!
Mom brought Andrew his first coloring book and some chunky crayons.  Can you tell how pleased he was to be coloring like a big boy???

Matt's mom came Saturday for more Easter fun!  The boys loved having both of their grandmothers together!
Dying eggs!
They're getting ready to leave their baskets at the back door!  As well as a little lettuce and carrots for a snack for the bunny!
Easter morning we made Resurrection Rolls! We read the story of the Resurrection and then ate the rolls!  So fun...

And the joys of taking a family photo...
Take two?
And he's outta there...
 OVER it.

 But we did manage to get this jewel before church.  Love my babies in some lace!!!