Friday, September 21, 2012

Life with two...

If you asked me one day after Andrew was born if I wanted to have another baby I would have said yes.  Asked me again at one month and I would have said the same.  But now, at seven months, I'm beginning to reconsider.  Life is starting to get considerably more busy with two. 

Andrew is on the verge of crawling.  It is so fun watching the little wheels in his head churning trying to figure it out.  He can definitely get to something he wants and I guess I need to start thinking about baby proofing the house again.  I've been out of that mindset for so long I almost forgot that they like to get into things (like the dog's water).  He's in the spends-a-lot-of-time-in-the-high-chair phase.  Trying to learn to self feed is a hard job and one that his little pincher fingers just aren't quite ready for, but he can palm some puffs like no other.  I almost think he's going to be over baby food sooner than later as he's started protesting anything on a spoon that comes near his mouth.

I mean, ya'll!  The eyebrows really crack me up.  They make him so expressive!!!

 Happy, happy baby!

 Banks is just as busy as always.  He just doesn't have an off switch.  I don't know why I'm not super skinny after trying to keep up with him.  As of late, his game of choice is crashing his cars.  It is a pretty fun game he made up!  He's starting to love to wrestle and play make-believe.  He loves hearing and making up stories.  He is loving school and I really think he's learning a thing or two.  He came home saying the Pledge of Allegiance and has learned all about the five senses. 

Showing his Banks that he decorated.  He has a fishing pole in one hand and a Lightning McQueen in the other.  They hung these up at school.
Having fun fishing with Daddy
It's not that the two of them are more difficult, it's just that my role with them has changed somewhat.  I went from mother/caretaker to referee.  No joke...Banks woke up two weeks ago and realized that Andrew existed.  AND NOW HE WON'T LEAVE HIM ALONE.  "Can Andrew play with me?" "Can Andrew and I take a bath?" "Can you bring Andrew in here so he can play cars with me?"  It is all day, everyday.  Which is sweet and great and brotherly and all BUT that's not the whole picture.  By "play" Banks means form-tackle, steal toys, tease and taunt and boss around.  Poor, poor Andrew.  He has gone from being the happiest baby to being frustrated and bullied and I feel the need to stand up for the poor fella.  So while so many people tell me I should just let them "work it out on their own" I fear that doing so may mean imminent danger to one of them.  But, they are brothers and apparently that's the way it's supposed to go down.  This only child knows nothing about that world but I guess I'll figure it out!!!
Enjoying a little bathtub time!

So, for this month, two is enough.  My cup runneth over and my house is never clean.  Maybe try me again later...