Monday, October 25, 2010


Recent trip to the zoo...first time on the carousel. Not thrilled about it...He's walking now! It's so funny to see him just cruising across the room. He's so pleased with himself!

Banks loves driving his trucks around the house.
Naked man on the loose! He walks with one arm up in the air...for balance, I guess? Perhaps he's getting ready for a one-handed cartwheel or round-off.
Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch! He had a blast riding the horse, petting the animals and picking out his pumpkin!
Pre-church photo op:

Preparing to launch out. It takes concentration and perfect tongue placement:

And, what most of my pictures look like these days:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No pictures, just words

So, I totally understand if you just want to skip over this post. Our computer is on it's last only took me three hours to connect to the Internet just now and it won't let me upload any pictures.
What many of you know about me is I like to be right which often comes with pretending that I know everything. Here, in a blog exclusive, I am admitting that I am not always right nor do I know everything. For example, I do not know how to unattach Banks from my side. Last week he came down with Rotavirus. Well, let me clarify, the Urgent Care doctor told us it was Rotavirus. We're waiting on the poo analysis (technical term) to come back to tell us what it was for sure. Not that it matters now that he's all better. Better but still attached to my hip. HELP ME. I come near to losing my mind everyday.
And while he's driving me crazy, he's still as charming as can be. His vocabulary is increasing every day. New words are "bus", "tru" (truck), "buh" (book), "mommy", "daddy", "cat", "dis" (this), "ba" (ball). He is getting better at "telling" us what he wants/needs. Yesterday I guess he was hungry so he crawled into the kitchen, got his bib and brought it to me. He is also getting better at pitching a fit when a) we don't understand what he's trying to say and b) he doesn't get whatever it is that he wants. He's silly, likes for us to chase him, and likes to dip his finger into something, lick it clean and say "mmmmm." He's learning to eat off a plate and drink from a sippy cup without handles. I'm nervous about trying the spoon...I can see the mess now.
He's becoming more brave with his walking. Just in the last day or so, I've noticed that he'll let go and walk over to something without our coaxing him to do so. He's able to go further and further each day! He can point out several body parts but refuses to learn any new animal sounds. He's getting better at directives. Soon enough I'll have him folding clothes and putting them away. He seems to be hungry all the time, still boycotts most veggies and loves all fruits. Loves sticks, balls and tractors. He loves to go head first down the slide. He loves books. Can destroy a room in two seconds flat. He can make me sooo mad and then melt my heart the very next second. He gives great hugs and can blow a kiss. Makes me feel loved when he calls "mommy, mommy, mommy!!!"
Someone at the park told me yesterday that 15 months was her most favorite age. I haven't been able to pick a favorite. All the stages are hard in their own way and fun in their own way. The I-won't-leave-your-side phase is growing a bit old but hopefully it'll be over soon and we'll be on to a new phase. As for (almost) 15 months...we're enjoying it if only I could upload some pictures to prove it to you!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He's a boy...

Not that you've forgotten or anything. And I am proud to say that many, many trips to the grocery store have been logged without someone calling Banks "she." However, I'm noticing that all the gender neutral baby toys are slowly being replaced with trains, trucks, and balls. Banks is starting to prefer boy stuff over girl stuff...which means that we cannot be outside for more than .5 seconds before he's found a stick and a dirt pile in which to dig. He's especially fond of rubbing his hands around in the dirt, picking up a huge pile of it and throwing it up in the air. It proceedes to fall directly in his hair/really cute smocked outfit and I bite my tongue. You know, I want him to be cute, but I want him to enjoy being a boy more. Oxyclean is my best friend; we go throug about a bottle a week. So play on, brother.
Yesterday, I put him in a new fall outfit, brand new pair of white lace-up Keds (WHAT WAS I THINKING???) and took him outside for a photo op. See above if you want to know what happened. Photo op didn't work out so well, but I did get a few shots of him getting dirty.
Big boy digging around in my compost
And digging in the dirt
Just because he can take a few steps doesn't mean he does all the time...still loving his lion!
And totally unrelated but totally cute!