Monday, June 22, 2009

We are officially prepared (but not really)

Saturday Matt and I took a Prepared Childbirth class. It was like an eight hour, learn-everything-you-need-to-know-about-how-to-have-a-baby-and-raise-a-child crash course. I think we might know everything now, no doubt about it. There are also some things I wish I didn't know. For example, like the color of panties the girl across the room from me was wearing. Now, I realize that she was 37 weeks pregnant, misearable, and really ready for her baby to get here but that does not excuse her from flashing her crotch to me and the rest of the class repeatedly. Also, I think I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing the birth of a baby. It's just not normal what goes on "down there." Nuf said.
Matt came away from the class with one profound piece of information: I will be in pain. I was shocked that this was what he learned in the class. Seriously, how did he not know this beforehand? I'm fairly certain he thought I would get drugs before any twinge of pain ran across my body. Let's hope this is the case. That brings me to my next topic...
You know how before you do something you imagine how it will go? Since I have been pregnant I have called myself living in La La Land. It is a magical little place where I too think I'll have no pain, gain a ridiculously small amount of weight that will melt off immediately after birth, and have a baby that doesn't do all those annoying things other babies do. Like cry or pitch hissy fits. It's like I live in this magical place thinking no bad will happen, to me at least. It's ok for it to happen to other people. Well, let me tell you, five minutes into the birthing video, all my hopes and dreams came crashing down. La La Land has officially been closed. I am working to accept the reality of what lies ahead although I think one can never really be prepared for parenthood despite all the books, classes or advice one receives on the subject.
So with 7 weeks to go I am joining the real world. And it's a hot one. Which reminds me, that statement I made several posts ago about enjoying the weather when the temperature begins with a 9? I'd like to retract that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby shower

Two weekends ago my friends from college gave me a baby shower. We had it at Erin's house and it was absolutely beautiful! They really put so much thought into all the details. The invitation had birds on it and so throughout Erin's house there were little birds nests and Wolfe birds. These picture don't do it justice because I had to scan them and then upload them. They gave me the beautiful frame with the invitation in it.
The food was so good and Erin's house is perfect for a shower! She and her husband have done so much work to their home and I love all that they have done!
These are my wonderful friends: Page, Kathleen, Dawn, me (and big Banks), Erin, Lindsay, and Shelley. Beth, Kate and Emily weren't able to make it...I missed you guys!!

Friends from Memphis: Jenny, Melissa, Whitney, me, Crystal, Lindsey

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This guy... SUPER excited because at his latest Biggest Loser weigh-in he lost 2.2 pounds!!! If you're keeping up that's a total of 3.2 pounds. We're really proud of the .2. For the most part, we only see the guy sleep so we're thinking that he's been running wind sprints while we sleep.