Monday, June 18, 2012

First off, Matt made me change the header picture.  He said Andrew looked like a wrinkled old man.  He was kind of right.  It's just the way newborns look.  But now look at him!  All chunky and stocky. 

I love me a baby.  Andrew is entering the beginning of my favorite months.  Usually the 4-7 month period when they're sleeping well at night and content playing with a mayo top during the day.  He's just such an easy baby.  I basically place him in one contraption or another and move him to something new when he starts to "get squeaky" as Banks likes to say.  I moved him to a four hour schedule which is glorious because now both boys nap at the same time in the afternoon.  It does stink because it means we HAVE to be home in the mornings for his nap.  He gets extremely squeaky if he doesn't get that nap in.  We like to be on the go so this will slow us down a great deal.

I do not love me a toddler.  Let me clarify, I love Banks.  I do not love his toddler ways.  Despite the meltdowns, he continues to make us laugh.  He went tee-tee outside (as he loves to do) this morning and shouted "make it rain!!!"  He says Matt taught him to say that.  Matt denies it.  Hmm.  He also says things that I do not like him saying such as "stupid baby."  He says someone at church taught him to say that.  Lovely. 

The summer seems to be flying by.  I was dreading not having MMO for Banks but we have had a ball being around the house!  He had swim lessons a few weeks ago.  Loved them!  He is FEARLESS when it comes to water.
Doing his Superman...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bye-bye fog

It official.  I am out of the newborn fog.  I know this because I was able to sit down last week and watch one of TLC's baby stories.  You know...Bringing Home Baby, Baby's First Day, etc.  If I try to watch one too soon after giving birth it makes me cringe or cry, depending on the day. 
Look at this little guy...
Andrew is sleeping 12-13 hours and now that he's sucking his thumb I rarely have to go in during the night to put the paci in his mouth. It is amazing.
Proof of the thumb sucking:

 However, I am experiencing a new phenomenon: the-mother-of-two-inability-to-accomplish-anything-during-the-day-phenomenon. Seriously. Where does the day go? I find myself up at 11 pm...something that I DO NOT like...furiously cleaning the house, hanging pictures, folding clothes and sweeping up the dog hair. I just simply cannot get anything done during the day. I'm hoping this will change soon as despite my little people sleeping well at night I am still dog tired. 

Partly, because this guy keeps me on my toes.  He is non-stop I tell you.  Non-stop.  He just doesn't get tired.  We potty trained a few weeks ago and getting him to stay clothed now is a straight up battle.  And one I'm losing I might add.  See...naked, dirt and dump truck.  No better combination for little boys. 

Now that Andrew is more alert and aware I've noticed that he is completely in love with Banks and Banks could care less.  It breaks my heart a little bit.  Banks did want to crawl in the crib with Andrew the other day and go night-night.  See how well they're sleeping???

Praise the Lord for little boys!!!