Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beach, babies, and besties

Last week we traveled to Sea Grove, FL for a week-long trip to the beach with some of our best friends and their children. Lauren and Wes have a son, Will, who is about 4 months older than Banks. Molly and Garner's son, Charlie, is only a day older than Banks. It must be known that I am officially a grown-up. Packing used to include swim suits and a cooler (for water, of course). Packing with a baby includes diapers, Dreft, sippy cups and grits (among 100 other MUST HAVE items). I washed clothes at the beach. Do you hear me? I packed detergent and actually washed several loads of clothes. I washed dishes, unloaded the dishwasher and even thought about sweeping but thankfully Molly came to the rescue and saved me from that travesty. When they tell you life really changes once you have a baby they mean it!
Aside from doing lots of grown-up things we had tons of fun! Charlie, Banks and Will had the best time playing together!! I think it is amazing that these little boys will grow up together! I hope they will have as much fun together as all of the parents do!! It's hilarious to me that out of 7 days all three boys were never on the beach at the same time. Someone was always sleeping or eating or crying. There was poop galore and lots of snack eating. I'm talking about the kids here in case you've gotten lost.
This week was also a learning experience for me. Here's a run down of what I've learned about Banks:
  • He is a snack thief and isn't scared to knock a baby down to get to some food.
  • He eats WAY more than other babies. I'm thinking I should put him on a diet.
  • Banks feels that everybody elses toys are way cooler than his own and again, isn't scared to knock another kid down to swipe his toy.
  • Everyone is a "bay-bee." We laughed so hard at Banks calling Charlie and Will "bay-bee's" in his deep man voice. Rest assured, if you are under 5 feet he'll probably call you a baby.
  • Banks is an explorer...the guy is not scared to crawl away on the beach.
  • Banks hates riding in the car. Out of 9 hours travelled in the car Saturday he slept for 1. O.N.E. Which means he pretty much cried for the other 8. Miserable.

And, without further adieu, here are a few pictures from the week!

The lap of luxury:

It only took 79 trips with that tiny bucket to fill up the baby pool

Bath time! Daddies bathing the babies

Big highlight of the week for Banks: pushing Will around on the fire truck

Rare photo of all three boys together

Bribing them to get together with a snack. They were like the sea gulls flocking to bread.

Banks and Charlie

You know how you get an idea of something in your head? I had envisioned Christmas-card like pictures of our family and of Banks on the beach. Instead I get this: eyes closed. Way to go Kyle and Matt.

Group shot. Lots of closed eyes, again. Sigh...

And a few of my beach bunny:

Monday, August 16, 2010

What we've been doing

Lately, we've been doing a lot of this...

And stopping to look at things like this...

And taking lots of breaks for this (cause who doesn't want nice thick milk when it's 1,000 degrees outside?)...

He's not afraid to conqueor the hills...

And has learned to semi-steer his rig but does lots of this when he can't...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Banks is ONE!!!!

On Friday Banks turned one. It is so odd to me to say that I have a one year old. It was a day filled with such a mix of emotions. I am SO thankful that God has allowed Banks to be in our lives for a year; entrusting his care to us. I am so grateful that he is healthy and happy; growing, getting into trouble and learning new things everyday. I wouldn't want it to be any other way, but when I got my weekly email that said "your TODDLER, week one" I just about fell apart. Toddler????? Where has the last year gone?
The first few months of his life are still a fog. Many of our friends are on their way to having their second children and I find it hard to recollect what it was like having a newborn...and it was only a year ago! It saddens me how quickly I've forgotten things but I'm so grateful that my camera has basically been glued to my eye and we've got lots of pictures to prove that he was actually that small. We spent his actual birthday playing the "this-time-last-year" game. It was fun to recollect the days events and hear everyones perspectives. It was a whirlwind day...full of tornadoes, three hours of pushing, a c-section and a complicated recovery but I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING (well, maybe next time I'll just go straight for the section). My mom and I have talked several times about whether we feel Banks has been an easy baby. I usually say no. He had reflux and as the doctor put it "a touch of colic." He cried a lot, spit up a lot, woke up 45 minutes into every nap until he was about 6 months old, likes to be under foot, and doesn't like leaving my side. My mom says he's a very easy baby...but she's comparing him to me and I'm an only child for a reason!!!

The last few months have been full of change...dropping bottles, drinking from a sippy cup, finishing up with baby food, learning to take steps and SAYING HIS FIRST WORDS!!! I've been thinking that he was saying "Boof" for Buford but I'm not 100% because he won't say it on command. However, last week he said "uh-oh" for the first time and now says it a million times a day (especially when he purposefully drops his food and sippy cup over the side of his tray) and "bye-bye" or "bye." His "bye" is very southern sounding and it's almost as if he's demanding you to go ahead and leave!!!

So, we celebrated his actual birthday by taking him to Gibsons for his first donut (and first taste of sugar). He was so excited!
"You're really letting me have this?!?!" He's not so good on the taking a bite thing so he pretty much shoved the entire thing in his mouth.
We had a low key day, went out for dinner that night and ordered from the kids menu for him for the first time, and opened a few presents when we got home. If you didn't know he'd just turned one you'd think he was an old man by the gifts he got: a car, a lawn mower, a tool bench, and a cell phone! "Hey girl, can I hit you back?"
Me and the birthday boy (notice the new kicks)
Our fam!

We had his party on Saturday and it was SO much fun! I think he was a little overwhelmed at first but warmed up and had a big ole time. Aside from the fact that it was hot as fire in our house I think the party was a success! Here are just a few of the almost 300 pictures I took that day!
His smash cake
Front door
Close up of the door hanger Anna made
Food table
Back yard with riding toys and ballsThe balls were favors that said "thanks for having a ball with me"Also, cookie favors
We had the most fun watching him dig into his smash cake. He was not timid about it one bit! I stripped him down and just let him dig in!
"Here Daddy, you have some"
Banks really racked up in the gift department. Aside from the things I mentioned above, he got tools, a farm, blocks, keys, a shape sorter, a fire truck, dump truck, tons of books, puzzles, bath toys and the list goes on and on! He had a lot of fun opening presents and was more interested in the actual present than I thought he'd be.
First ride in the wagon
His ADORABLE back pack

In amazement at how fun his new ride is...he wants me to push him around the house everyday now.
His other new ride
My dad's rocking chair that we gave to Banks. He loves to sit in it...if only for a minute.
He's going to kill me for this one day. He's working really hard here on something. Any guesses as to what?!?!And finally, on Sunday we had to get the wagon out for it's first lap around the block:Thanks Gram for my wagon!