Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Somewhere along the line Banks picked up on the word cool. Lots of things have been "coo" to him lately.

It's coo to play with your friends, especially if one lives way far away now.

It's coo to throw balls. Especially if you throw them at peoples faces.

It's coo to hang out with your Gram and Grumps and eat lots of crackers.
Christmas trees are coo.

Playing with ornaments is coo (for me, not for my mom). This one is my favorite so far. My mom thinks it's coo that at least it's not breakable.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Age of The No's

My mom loves to tell the story of the time, after being told no less than a million times to say thank you, that I asked "when am I going to know all my manners?" As a parent, it's our responisbility to teach and mold our children into being polite, other-minded little beings. I'm learning that this training cannot begin too soon.

We all know that Banks loves to eat. They guy seriously is never NOT hungry. If he sees you eating, he'll steal whatever it is you have in your hand. The ladies in the nursery at the Y have dubbed him as "the snack theif." In Memphis, this has yet to become problematic. You see, most of Banks' friends here are older. Their parents tell their children to share, be nice, and all the other good manners stuff because Banks is "the baby." During a recent trip home, in which Banks played with other toddlers his age, I became aware that Banks is a brute. He stole many "cah-kuh's" (crackers) and even PUSHED another baby (sorry June). Not that I think he was being malicious, it's just that I'm realizing now is the time to start teaching the boy some manners!

This has led to what I am calling The Age of the No's. Everything in our house right now is a "no." No hitting, no biting, no throwing food. Don't touch that, don't rip your book up, stop throwing your spoon. Quit whining, be sweet to Buford, stop climbing on the fire place. He just can't win. I feel terrible for always saying no. But I would feel even more terrible if my child was the one pushing WHEN HE KNEW BETTER. It's right from wrong at our house. And I'm ready for him to hurry up and learn all his manners. This molding and teaching bit is exhausting!

It's not that we don't have any fun around here. There's a good balance. Banks loves his mobility and is happy just making laps around the house. He is talking up a storm and adds new words to his vocabulary everyday. Yesterday he said "peas" (please)-see we're learning a manner or two-for the first time. I am amazed at his vocabulary, honestly. He loves to be "side" (outside) collecting sticks. We walk around the block, pick up sticks out of the neighbors yard and then leave them in a pile outside the back door for him to return to at our next outing. We are always on the go. You know, I was so antsy for Banks to hurry up and start walking. Everybody I talked to said I would regret it once he did. But, honestly, I love him walking! It makes it so much more fun being outside, going to the park and opens up the door for so many childrens activities for him...Big Backyard, Childrens Museam, etc. I can let him out of the stroller at the Zoo and he can burn off as much energy as he wants! Not that I don't do a lot of chasing, I do, but in my opinion, it's way better than when he was in the crawling stage.

I have been terrible about taking pictures lately but here are a few from the last week:
Stunna Shades

Charlie, June and Banks playing

June and Banks

Matt was in charge of Banks the other day while I ran an errand. He said he turned his head for two seconds and found Banks like this.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Pumpkin carving! He was great at helping get the goo out.And was very interested in what was going on inside. He kept saying "hot" because he saw the candle!
Pleased with his finished product.
Still intrigued by what was inside there:
It was so much fun that he was walking in time for Halloween!
He was a trick or treating machine
Although Banks never misses a meal, he doesn't get to eat sweets all that often. Since it was Halloween, I let him go at it with the candy. He picked out all the M & M's and Oreos and threw the popcorn on the floor.