Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All about Banks

An ode to my oldest little man...with a few random pictures interspersed.
Man oh man does this child give us a run for our money.  He is an energetic, fun-loving, non-stop little boy who loves to wrestle, pretend that monsters are around every corner and "fix it right" with his tool bench. 

He is fearless.  Halloween is proving to be his holiday.  The scarier the better.  Bugs...loves 'em.  Want to ride a camel at the zoo?  Of course he does.  Go down a two-story slide?  Absolutely.  And he'll do it on his stomach head first.  It's a miracle we've only been to the ER once for stitches *knocks on wood*.  It's so fun watching him soak up every minute of the things we do.  It is NEVER enough, though.  We could stay at the bounce house place for 12 hours and he'd still cry when we had to leave.  It's his Achilles heel.

He is very imaginative.  Always pretending there are ghosts, bears, wolves and other scary things after him.  I about died one day a few weeks ago when we had a girl friend over to play.  She came tearing into the house in hysterics that the Big Bad Wolf was after her.  She may never come back.  He is forever wanting to hear a story.  I'm telling you, my creative juices are running thin.  For a while there, his favorite story was some ridiculous one I made up about a roach eating birthday cake.  I'm sure he shared it with his teachers and they are certain our house needs to be condemned.

He is non-stop.  The only thing that slows him down is food and TV.  And those two aren't as reliable as they used to be.  He would play from sun up to sun down without ever stopping.  He wants to chase, hide, build forts, do art projects, go for a bike ride and that's all usually before 9:00.  It.  Is.  Exhausting.  Also exhausting is the fact that he rarely wants to play alone.  So all this chasing and hiding usually includes me. 

He is doing a little better with Andrew.  Not quite as rough and tumble but I still find him purposefully stomping on Andrew's fingers, taking away whatever toy Andrew has/is crawling for, or pushing him down when he's crawling.  There are moments when he's sweet...I overheard him telling Andrew yesterday that he couldn't play with something because it "had sharp edges."  Never mind that something was a ball with which Banks just wanted to play.

 He is both a great and terrible listener all at the same time.  I bet I've said 100 times not to take something from Andrew and he acts like it's the first time he's heard it every time.  But he can recite every word to almost every book he's ever read and remembers conversations that we've had verbatim.  He still loves to read book and will sit for a while to listen to books.  We're regulars at the Library!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All about Andrew

Andrew is 8 months old!  What???  Where has the time gone???  He is crawling machine, an eating machine and is now pulling up on things!  He is a chunky monkey, that is for sure.  And he's tough.  Has to be for all the rough-housing that Banks puts him through.  He is still a very happy and low maintenance baby although he does have his likes and dislikes.  He does not like for me to leave the room, nor does he like his exersaucer.  He does like Buford's water bowl, the bathroom garbage can (eww), and cheerios.  Well, any starch for that matter.  Big fan of the puffs and crackers as well.  Also fond of throwing his paci in between the crib and the wall.
Happy babe with his two little chompers

Serious face.  Andrew's first trip to the zoo!
First trip to the Grove!

Monday, October 8, 2012

On the move and in the Grove

Andrew is on the move.  It only took a few days after he mastered the crawl to be everywhere and into everything!  I'm moving breakables and putting in outlet covers pronto.
Playing with the Tupperware is SO much fun!  Banks loved having a new excuse to make a mess!!
 He's already trying to pull up some.  Oh boy...
Last weekend we took Banks to the Grove.  It was nice for about an hour before the rain came.  Mark my words...never again will I take a kid to the Grove in the rain.  Never.
Some of the boys in our tent...
 LOTS of wrestling between these two!