Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tis the season!

We have been soaking up every little bit of the Christmas season this year.  It is so fun with Banks being so into it!  He has only asked me 1,375,499 times when Santa is coming.

He was definitely a fan of the big guy this year.  Andrew, not so much.  Banks is asking for a Dodge Charger (matchbox car), a movie and boots.  We have seen Santa three times this year and he's asked for the same thing all three times UNTIL we saw the Santa yesterday and Banks pulled a fast one on us by asking for some different things.  Didn't realize how dangerous it was taking a kid to see Santa SO close to Christmas.  Hopefully he'll be happy with what he gets!

  We went to a cookie decorating party.  Please note the MOUND of sprinkles on his cookie.  Sheesh.

He had a ball decorating (mostly eating) his gingerbread house.

And perhaps my most favorite thing this season:  Banks' school Christmas program.  Just the cutest cow ever!
I have terrible writers block.  I'm sorry I've been so awful about updating the blog lately.  I'd like to say it's on my list of resolutions but it's not even on the bottom of the list.  Life is getting busy and I'm trying to keep up and blogging is taking a major backseat!!!  Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm back!

Well, sure didn't mean to take a blogging break but I guess that's what happened.  We have been super busy soaking up every last minute of having Matt at home.  His most recent job finished up about three weeks ago and we've been loving having him home with us. 

We spent one week at the beach with our friends the Jones'.  We have never been to the beach in November and while we had a few chili days, we had an absolute blast.  It was so nice and relaxing (well, as relaxing as it can be with four kiddos); no pressure to hurry up and get to the beach.  We ate when we wanted, and ate a lot I might add.  Watched football, shopped and I RODE A BIKE for the second time in my adult life.  And, I didn't crash the thing.  No pictures to prove it, though.
It's bright out there for a baby...

Perhaps my most favorite picture of all times.  Nothing but love here but it sure looks like Maggie is about to get knifed!  There may be a smidge of fear in her eyes...
We spent one week gearing up for Thanksgiving.  Since we had just travelled to the beach, we didn't feel like loading up again to go to Jackson for Thanksgiving with my parents.  So, they came here instead!  We had a low key, great meal and thanks to Taylor Grocery, I didn't even have to worry over botching the turkey!  We did go over to Batesville for a quick trip and Banks had an absolute blast playing with his cousins!

Last week, we spent most of our time marking things off the to-do list.  Mainly, we got most of our Christmas shopping done.  And it's just December 2nd!!!  Love being ahead of the game this year.
Giving his seal of approval on the tree...

"These people are crazy.  Did ya'll know there is a real tree in our den?  And they don't expect me to touch it???  HA!"

So, Matt started his new job today.  It's the first time he's worked outside the home in four years.  It'll be the first time, since being a stay at home mom, that I'll be here all day with the kids by myself.  Crazy, right???  I am so, so very excited for him.  I know he'll love being away from us for a bit and getting more connected with some people in town.  Plus, it'll give us something to talk about when he comes home since we won't already know every minute detail of each others lives!  I am so proud of him and constantly reminded of God's timing and goodness in finding this job for Matt.  Yay Daddy!!!