Monday, February 18, 2013

Andrew is one!

Three big events have happened in the last week. 
1) We had a major, blowout first birthday party for Andrew
2) I made it a whole year and three days feeding Andrew breastmilk (sorry, men).
3) Andrew had his last bottle.

As for #1, pictures will have to do.  I nearly crafted myself to death but it was super fun and I'm now officially over my party-hangover.  All decorations are down and we've moved on from the extravaganza.
Little Red Wagon was the theme for his party!  This Radio Flyer was mine when I was little.
Red wagon cookies and Radio Flyer drivers licenses' for the big kids:
And Wagon Wheels for the littles:
The food table, yummy cake and Andrew's first year in pictures!  We had Red Wagon rice crispy treats, wagon wheels (turkey roll-ups), marshmallow pops, wagon trail mix, popcorn, and twizzlers.  

Love that little finger digging in.

This is about as messy as he got.  COMPLETE contrast to Banks who had to have a bath after he got ahold of his smash cake.
Opening his bouncy house.  Because it is a completely normal, not over-the-top gift for a one year old.  Right?

Getting donuts on his actual birthday.  "Did y'all mean to give this to ME??"
I mention #2 because it is a hugungo deal for me.  With Banks, I planned to make it six months and then pushed myself to get to a year.  Those last few months were rough.  When I found out I was pregnant with Andrew I said I wouldn't be able to juggle it again with a toddler running around but I made it!  It was easier, this time, for me to pump and give bottles so I think that helped me out.  Which leads to #3.  I was fine the night he had his last bottle.  It had gotten to be a fight for him and he didn't even really seem to want more than a sip or two of it anyway. 
But the next morning when I cleaned off the bottle rack and pulled out all the bottle brushes, I nearly lost it.  My baby is not a baby anymore!!!  He is waving and clapping and standing and saying "bye-bye" and "ma-ma."  He's pushing cars and trucks, saying "raaaar", tormenting the dog, splashing in the toilet, and loving playing "chase" with his big brother.  He is such a sweet, happy one year old and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for him.  Happy Birthday Andrew!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Thanks to Jeri Anne and my mother-in-law, I am back to blogging.  Thanks for the gentle nudge, girls.  Something crazy happened and it wouldn't let me upload any pictures.  So I gave up on the blog for a bit.  Every time I thought about coming back, the idea of playing catch-up seemed overwhelming so I'd give up again.  But now I'm back and I'm just going to start fresh.  Christmas happened and it was wonderful and there are tons and tons of pictures and lots of "Andrew's first Christmas" type things.  We were home, for the most part, for Christmas and it was soooooo nice!  I even hosted three Christmas dinners myself (we celebrate with a lot of folks around here).  I'm such a grown up.  Ok, shoot.  My 'momma guilt' won't just let me start fresh so here's just a few pictures from Christmas...
Christmas eve
My boys Christmas morning!
This look sums up Banks' Christmas.  He is at such a fun age and is so sweet and excited about EVERYTHING he gets. 
And this is what excited Andrew:
And since Christmas, we've just been doing regular ole stuff.  See, ya'll didn't miss much.
Using his tools to construct his car.
Looking like a homeless person playing in the snow!
Racing around the house:

Playing with trucks in his PJ's...

...and getting geared up for this little misters FIRST birthday.  Tear.

First birthday post coming up next!!!