Monday, July 23, 2012


 Look at these two talking about me behind my back...
We are starting to have some precious brother moments around the house and boy, does it make my heart happy!

Monday, July 9, 2012

My people are growing up

Banks is about to be three.  I seriously cannot believe it.  I know I'm tough on him; constantly reporting on the blog about how he's a terror and pitches fits and makes things difficult.  It's a reality.  It doesn't make me love him any less.  He makes me laugh every day and has me on the verge of tears nearly every day.  One of the many things I love about parenting is how a child can drive you absolutely into crazy mode yet there is no love loss.  Tonight we were in Walmart and he was screaming at me "are you crazy????"  The other shoppers thought it was hilarious.  I was thinking "yes, because you are driving me that way!!!"

He has really taken to Andrew lately.  Even asked to feed him once.  This lasted about 3 minutes before he asked if he could go play.

A little cotton candy action at Oxford's 175th birthday party.

Our good friends, Lauren and Wes Jones and their kiddos recently moved to Oxford.  We have loved getting to hang out with them!  Can you handle Maggie???  Sweet little pink outfit and a mesh hat.  Love it!!!

 For the Fourth, we went to the Grove for all the festivities.  He did not have any fun at all with the animals.

This is perhaps the most genius thing I have ever thought of.  For all the festivities, we put Andrew in the bumbo in the wagon.  Probably not street legal, but hey, you do what you gotta.  Boy, he thought he was big stuff.  Plus, he was so happy to be out of his carrier and I was happy to not have to hold him all afternoon.

 Andrew is almost five months old.  When I look at him, I still see him as a bitty baby.  He is far from that.  The little chunker was 17 pounds at his four month check up!  He's doing all sorts of fun baby things like cooing, making raspberries and rolling over.  He's super smiley and loves his brother more than anything else.  Started him on rice cereal today.  He managed to choke a little down so we'll keep practicing until he gets the hang of it!  We also tried out the exersaucer last week and he was a big fan.

So proud to be able to pick up toys and put them in his mouth!!!