Monday, December 27, 2010


After being away from home for 9 days we're finally back!!! Let the post-holiday meltdowns occur! Banks is overstimulated...he just runs from one toy to the next playing with each for only a few minutes before getting distracted by the next. Add a little over-tiredness (I know it exists, not sure if it is a word or not though) into the mix and it's meltdown central at our house. You can also consider that Banks' response to most things us "unh, unh" which is most frustrating. It doesn't matter what I'm asking him, he's pretty sure he doesn't want to do it. Even if I ask if he wants a cookie he tells me "unh, unh" and then cries because he doesn't get one. Oh, the joys!
It took me all day yesterday to unload all the "trucks", "trah-tuhs", "cahs" and "choo-choos" that he got for Christmas. We definitely have a boy on our hands. While we were gone from home for a long time, it was worth it! We got to visit with both sets of grandparents (Mimi, I promise I have pictures), hang out with many a cousin, see lots of friends, and have lots of playdates. As is my usual style, I will now nauseate you with more pictures than you'd ever want to see...
The annual Jones-Berry-Still get together. Maggie and Will Jones, Banks, Charlie Berry
Maggie was our newest addition. They were brave enough to put her in Banks' lap for a picture. Thankfully he didn't bite her or throw her on the floor. In fact, I think he was petrified. He didn't move a muscle.
The mommas and the babies. Next year we'll have another baby in the mix...Baylor Berry!
Making Christmas cookies with Gram for the first time! The apron he's wearing was mine when I was little!
Decorating one for Santa:
Christmas morning when he first spotted his loot. I think I enjoyed it just as much as he did. I loved seeing the pure joy on his face.
The boy with his choo-choo's and rain boots.
And the excitement of seeing the cars go down the track.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have an elf...

...who does not live on the shelf. He may look angelic: But he is very mischevious. He does things like unlock the stall door of a public bathroom and run out only to leave his mother half-clothed and helpless. He likes to touch lots of things: The elf also loves to hide things from his momma. He leaves them in random places only to be found later in the day when said item is no longer needed. Everyday this elf gets into some kind of trouble. And he doesn't care if you say you're going to tell Santa cause he loves Santa...