Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big things...

...are happening at our house. Banks took his first steps yesterday!!! He's still wobbly and unsure but soooo proud of his new skill. It's hilarious to me to see him standing there. I think in my mind I still view him as a little baby, not someone who should be standing up, smiling at me! I still think it will be a while before he actually takes off but it is so fun to see him learning to walk. He started off by just taking one step and then by the end of the day he was taking three! He still prefers to crawl or walk behind his push toy but will take steps with some coaxing.
In other news, we had a baby extravaganza in the Grove last weekend. Yes, we got Banks, Charlie and Will matching outfits. Yes, people asked if they were triplets. And tons of people asked if Banks and Charlie were brothers! So funny because I've never thought of them looking alike. Interesting what a little matching outfit will do...
Anyway, they had a big ole time. Lots of crawling, snack eating, sweating and playing. It was way easier than I thought it would be. I envisioned constant baby chasing, fishing chicken bones out of his mouth and dirtyness. Well, they were definitely dirty. Crawling in a dusty grove will do that to a baby, I guess. And Matt was a big help too...I think he was trying to make up for a lack luster performance when we took Banks to the grove last year. I will now let that story die since he was such a help this time.
Banks petting Will


Banks, me, Molly, Charlie

Friday, September 10, 2010


It's official. My life is boring. I have nothing riveting about which to write. I doubt how you want to hear that as I type Banks is throwing pieces of grape over his tray while I shout "no throwing!". And there went the sippy cup. He says "uh oh" like he didn't mean to do it on purpose. That little rascal. Is it possible for a 13 month old to be starting the terrible twos? Banks has just started to pitch mini-fits-complete with wailing, leg kicking, and limpness-when I tell him no or when he wants to go outside (he "tells" me this by ramming his push toy into the back door OVER and OVER again) and I don't.
Here's an example. This time he wanted to go into Matt's office while he was on a conference call. That is a no-go, Banks couldn't understand: cue meltdown.

And I can't stay mad for long cause then he gets all sweet and innocent looking. I had to sneak in and steal this photo one night. I kept singing "fat guy in a little coat" to myself as I was taking the picture.

Some new fun things about Banks...he LOVES to climb and sit Indian-style (usually not together). This guy is busy, busy. I seriously can't take my eyes off of him for one second or he's into something. Man, have I got my hands full!

I'd also like to report that Banks and Buford or as Banks calls him, "Oh-ford", are making progress. Buford nipped at Banks a few times and I threatened to give him away but seems like the two are getting along better these days. Nothing like a little lawn spraying to bring the two together:


Banks' vocabulary is growing by the day. Most popular are bay-bee, uh-oh, mommy (no longer mama) and Oh-ford. New additions are ewwww (what the cow says), ba (what the sheep says), and arrrrrrr (what the lion says). I'm hoping he's going to be a smarty. Recently, he has started to love books! He will pull every single board book out of his basket for me to read. EVERY time we have to read the bubbles book. EVERY time. I'm tempted to hide that thing.

Making the selection and whadda you know...the bubbles book!

Read it mommy. And hopefully this will leave you with a smile. Post mud-hole playing: