Monday, July 12, 2010


I have nothing to blog about. I don't want to write about how I just turned THIRTY....shhhhh. Although, I will say Matt made it a great day and even had a surprise dinner for me Saturday night! I also don't want to write about how our friends the Darby's are currently packing up their house so they can move to Chicago this week. Sadness. So...since there's nothing to write about I thought I'd just show you some recent pictures!
Finally walking behind the lion:

First go with Spaghetti-O's. He looks so pleased with himself...

ALL boy...what else can I say?
Proving that real men wear pink: We went ahead and moved Banks to his forward facing car seat. He LOVES it and likes to point at things as we drive by them. Doesn't he look like a big boy???

Straight chillin...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eleven months!!!

What am I typing? ELEVEN months? Yowza. Banks is looking more and more like a toddler these days. I'm thinking it's mostly because he has a mouth full of teeth but he's just not my little baby anymore! We had some fun trying to get his 11 month shot!
Where's Banks?
"Hmmm...I might have to touch this."
Got it!
Outta here...
Here are some amazing baby things he's been doing:
  • "talking" up a storm...we even swear he's saying Buford (although it sounds more like "Boof" or "Boo Foo") and bye bye
  • exploring...I don't think there's an inch he hasn't crawled over/under/through
  • claps when we say "Can you patty-cake?" or "yeah!"
  • when asked "where's mommy's nose" or "where's Banks' nose" he'll point to it...occasionally
  • Loves riding things
  • loves putting balls, toys, etc inside things (like the trash can for example)
  • opening and closing all doors
  • He especially loves to play the game where he closes the door, I knock and he opens it up. He's excited every time to find it's me that's been knocking. It never gets old...for me or for him!
  • hitting and biting (that's right...he likes to slap me in the face and take a chunk out of me every now and then)
  • He likes to charge with his head down (usually toward Buford) and give a head-butt
  • Loves to give a high-five
  • Loves to "read" his books
  • Likes to sit on his knees
  • He has learned to turn his noise-maker on. You'll note in the picture that area has several "no touch" items, all of which he ignores and touches anyway. I'd like to say he turns the noise-maker on to indicate that he's ready for bed, but that's not the case. He only wants to turn it on because I don't want him to.
  • Crawls around making kissing noises
  • And his newest-as in while I'm trying to update the blog new-is splashing around in the toilet. Gross.