Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The nursery

Well, it's finally finished! I still have a few minor details I would like to tend to but may not get around to!!
The paintings above the crib were done by our friend Lauren Jones. They are scenes pulled from the toile in the bedding. I think they look so good. She did a third painting that is above the glider but I don't think I got a picture of it.The hutch is filled with things from Matt's childhood and my childhood. And plenty of books to make sure that Banks is a brainy!!
The pictures don't really do the room justice. I think it's perfect! It's so cozy and warm and I think Banks will never cry in there because he likes it so much! My doctor made the BIG mistake today and told me that she didn't think I would make it to my appointment next week so now we're on high alert for baby! I'm predicting that he'll come Sunday. My mom is convinced he'll come Thursday. Watch. I'll probably still be pregnant forever from now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dis n Dat

First off, the air is broken at work. It has been broken for a week now. I am currently sitting at my computer with two HUGE fans blowing directly on me and I'm still sweating. It sounds like a jet engine is taking off in here. Perhaps this is the start of my weight loss plan???

Speaking of weight...I am now going to the doctor every week. I went Tuesday and had an ultrasound done to check on sweet (except when he's working on cracking my ribs) Banks. Everything looked great! He's so big compared to when we last saw him and he's pretty jam packed in there. Anyway, the ultrasound estimated his weight to be SEVEN POUNDS FOUR OUNCES. Gasp. That's right...7.4 and he's got a month to go. Dude is going to be 10 pounds by the time he gets here. The first thing my doctor said to me was "we do have the right due date don't we?" Lovely. Then she tells me to get to walking and to hope he comes early. Perfect. No air at work, freaking 100 degrees outside, and walking is what the doctor orders. I'll get right on that. Here I am at 35 weeks and no makeup (why am I putting this on here???):

Matt is beside himself. It's as though he thinks he's done something special to "grow" this baby giant. He's so proud. Granted, he contributed, but I'm pretty sure I've done the majority of this thing on my own. I also think that Matt doesn't understand that this baby giant has to come out at some point (sooner than later we hope). Perhaps he's forgotten the lesson on pain he learned during our childbirthing class??

On a different note, my coworkers recently gave me a baby shower and it was lovely! The food was great and they had the cutest cake with Banks' monogram on it. We got some great things and for the most part we're ready for the baby giant to get here! I did a terrible job of taking pictures so I don't really have any to post!
My best friend at work Caroline and me

I'm putting the final touches on the nursery this weekend and I hope to post pictures of it soon!