Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biggest Loser

Since Matt and I are reality TV junkies we decided to give the Biggest Loser a chance this season (I know, I know...it's been on for like a bazillion seasons already). Anyway, we're hooked. So when we got the opportunity to actually participate in a Biggest Loser competition we jumped on the chance!

Our vet has started a Biggest Loser competition for their more "healthy" clients and of course they asked Buford to participate! At first, I was a bit offended that they thought our dog was overweight enough to be a contestant but upon further examination of the situation I've decided that this is a great thing! I mean, why not? We love the Biggest Loser, Buford has been concerned about the upcoming bathing suit season, and we could all use the exercise! Plus, there are restaurant gift certificates available to the winner of the monthly weigh-ins and remember, I'm all about food these days.
Both Matt and Buford were asked to sign Biggest Loser contracts. Matt's outlined that we would no longer provide unhealthy treats, we would exercise Buford daily, and we would reduce his food intake somewhat (he's already on Light food). Buford's contract stated that he wouldn't beg for treats. Poor guy...he's not keeping up his end of the bargain. Buford is contracted to lose five pounds total. As for treats, he gets carrots and green beans. Again, poor guy.
The vet took "before" pictures (a side view and an overhead view) and you can see Buford and his competition at their website. I think I've linked it directly...

So wish us luck as we try to win the Biggest Loser doggie style!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a turtle!!

These were the words used by the ultrasound technician when she told us what we were having. I'm quite sure she learned such terminology during her studies. Anyway, it means we're having a BOY!!!! She was able to show us his "shell" and "head." Matt was quite insulted that these words were used to describe his boy's manhood. He'll get over it. We are so excited and Matt has had a skip to his step all day long. It is so fun to be able to say him instead of it. I LOVE knowing what we're having! I think seeing the baby today made it real for Matt. The baby looks healthy and was very active during the ultrasound. At one point, he had his little feet crossed and at another point we got to see his little hands together. Right now he's estimated to weigh .65 pounds, and the tech said he's measuring with a due date of August 1st so he's a little ahead of schedule! Since it's not that much of a difference, we're sticking with the August 7th due date. We are so blessed to have a healthy little baby boy! We can't wait to meet him in August!
Since I can't get blogger to upload any of the pictures from the ultrasound, I thought I'd include a picture of the things I bought today for him!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taking bets...

Soooo...only ONE WEEK until we find out what Baby Still is!!!! I can't wait and I'm really praying for a cooperative baby next Tuesday. Anyway, I wanted to see what everyones bet was on what we're having. I won't tell you what I think it is so you can make an unbiased guess. Of course Matt thinks (reads: wants) a boy. I will tell you a few facts that correlate with old wives tales:
-I haven't been sick at all
-The Chinese lunar calendar says it's a girl
-The heart rate has been between 150-155
-Cravings are for sweets and carbs
I think that's all the boy/girl facts I can think of. So, let me hear your guess on what we're having!!!