Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been DYING to post this on here but had to make sure we got all our family and friends informed beforehand...Matt and I are having a baby!!! Well, I'm pretty sure I'll be the one to actually have it but you know what I mean. We are over the moon excited and are loving every part of this journey so far...it's been a long time in the making!! Here are the answers to some FAQ's:
How far along am I? How am I feeling?
I'm 12 weeks and feeling great. I haven't been sick at all and I've just mainly felt tired a lot.

Are we finding out what we're having?
YES and it cannot come soon enough. We get to find out at our 18 week appointment and I am super pumped about it.
Have you thought about names?
Absolutely! We'll definitely use a family name and we're not keeping the name a secret. As soon as we know, you'll know!
How does Matt feel about everything?
He's so sweet about it all. He has faithfully been reading his father-to-be books and has been very attentive to my needs.

What about Buford?
He knows nothing...yet. I fear that his reign as king may soon come to an end. I'm sure he'll still sleep in the bed, get on the furniture, and get plenty of attention from us!

Am I craving anything?
Yes...anything chocolate and ANY carb. Lovely, right? I'm also liking apples with peanut butter, cereal, and pretzels. Sorry Mom, I haven't been eating my leafy greens like you told me to.

Now, get this: two of my best friends from home are also pregnant. Sarah is due one week after me and Molly is due two weeks after me! Congrats to the both of them too! It has been WONDERFUL having them as a mini support group. It's so fun to be going through this with some of my best friends!

And finally...I've already started getting some things together for the nursery. I know, it's early but I found this dresser for CHEAP and couldn't pass it up. We'll put glass knobs on it and use it as the changing table.
Also, this is the bassinet that we'll use. It is a family heirloom and has been used by many a baby in Matt's family. I think Buford thinks it's his...he would not get out of the way when I was trying to take this picture! Now that I look at it, he looks kind of sad doesn't he? It's so fun having baby stuff in the house already!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girls weekend!!!

This weekend I went to Oxford for a girls weekend and we had a blast! The only thing we had planned before our arrival was where we were going to eat. Seriously, it was like I did nothing else from the time I got there to the time I left but eat! We hit all the favorites-Bottletree Bakery, Proud Larry's, Yocona, and unfortunately (for my weight) several other places! One of my friends, Kate is having a baby in April and instead of having a shower for her we decided to all get together in Oxford. It was so much fun getting to see everyone...it was like we were back living in the KD house again!
Lindsay, Erin, Dawn, Page, me, Beth, Kate, Shelley freezing outside waiting for our table at Yocona
Dawn, Kate, Shelley, me
Dawn, me, Page

Baby Will

the parents-to-be
Two weekends ago we went to Jackson to host a baby shower for our friends Lauren and Wes Jones who are expecting a baby in early March. We had a great time getting to catch up with
everyone and baby Will got some great things!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year and Hotty Toddy!

We went to Jackson, MS for a reception/New Years party for my friend Sara Gray (who recently married Drew Jackson) and had a blast! It was a fun way to celebrate the new year!
Kyle and Sarah (not the Sara that got married)
We left early New Years day to head to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. Dallas is such a fun city and we had a blast being there. Before the game we tailgated with one of our friends dads who had this bus of an RV. Seriously, this thing was amazing. Speaking of amazing so was the game. First of all because it was an awesome game. Secondly, because I realized that there must be something about Ole Miss football that makes people want to make out. I'm really not kidding. The couple in front of us AND to the right of us would full on make out after each good thing Ole Miss did. There was lots of groping too. It killed me. And for a minute (before I regained my senses) I felt like Matt and I should make out in public or something! Don't worry...we didn't!
Molly, Lauren, Kyle at the RV
The three of us again at the game
Matt and Kyle